People involved in the Italian horse racing system live the worries and struggles of an unsure future, due to the economical crisis that hit the whole racing system in the last decades. This beautiful sport showed signs of a gradual, unmistakable decline which led to a drastic shrunk of the total economical value. Only in the last ten years, the jackpots reduced by nearly 60% and the payments got dragged late for several years. 2016 budgets have not been confirmed, so the people involved still have no guarantees for their futures.

It all had dramatic negative impact on the general interest around this sport and it turned away many racing teams, specially those which were coming to Italy from abroad. Despite all this problems though, an outsider travelling through the World of the Italian Horseracing can clearly see the passionate everyday hard work of everyone who is involved. They fight to make their sport not to become extinct. It is easy to feel and to understand their moving struggles. Sacrifice, devotion and the incredible touching love between man and horse are the only true motive of this sad battle, which about 50 thousand families of whole Italian horseracing’s employees are not willing to lose.

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