– MUSICA – ♪ –

“Have you ever seen the shape of sound?”


‘Musica’ is a photography collection of sound portraits.

By playing recorded music and sound on a linear thick line of flowing smoke, the energy of the sound waves which hit the smoke brakes the equilibrium of it, letting the sound creating its own shapes.

The flow of smoke is like the time passing in our life, depicting a sort of Heraclitus’ Panta Rei, where everything flows and never stops.

Any sound wave, any note which hits the smoke is like a person who we cross in our path or an event in our life, which shapes it in a way, which leaves a sign on it.

It is the same with the sound on the smoke, it does imprint on it its own personality, its own reality and its own face.

Certainly, everything which happens in our life, instantly it’s part of our Past. Nothing can be ever repeated nor it could ever be the same again. The only bond and access we have to our own feelings and life, but for what life was, for what has passed already, are memories.

Emotions can blossom out things as simple as a color, a gesture, a sound, a scent… when they are related to personal feelings.

‘Musica’ is an unquestionable metaphor of life, of the uniqueness of the moment and the time passing , of the fusion of the human senses and beauty in nature. ‘Musica’ allows you to listen to the meanings by looking at the shapes of the sound.

Everybody feels ‘Musica’ in his own way, under his own perspective, seeing in the same lines something completely different from the others, because the way how you look at the shapes of ‘Musica’, is totally driven by your life and experience, sensibility, memories and past.

Now, please, let’s listen to the shapes.

(Portraits of Elton John’s song: Candle in the Wind)