Mauro the guardian

Since the late 80′, Mauro Morandi, born in 1939, is the former guardian and the only one inhabitant of Budelli, a paradise Island of National Park Arcipelago di La Maddalena, in the North of Sardinia (Italy). After almost three decades living alone and serving the Island and the preservation of its protected shores, Mauro is now facing the risk of being evicted from Budelli and to be forced to return in to the society.

Having had the privilege to spend a night in Budelli I could have a close look to his lifestyle, habits and daily routine. In summertime he has the chance to meet many tourists who visit the ‘Pink Beach’, the most famous spot of Budelli, which happens to be right in front of his dwelling, but in winter time he barely meets nobody, as almost none comes around to visit the Island or to check on him.

His experience comes from a very strong and unusual choice of life, and his story tells some secrets on how to survive and to live alone and in peace with yourself in a paradise desert island.