Faces of Racing

(In Re Quieta)



“In Re Quieta” is a photography collection and a study about the magical passionate World ruled by the Man and Horse romance, where much respect, love, courage, strength and sensibility are the main ingredients.


It doesn’t really matter where about in the World or in which environment it might happens but, surely, anyone who deals with horses, needs to be gifted of many qualities.


When the relationship is lived at full, man and horse become just one essence, described already by the Greek Mythology as ‘The Centaurus’, half-man and half-horse. This dualism gives life to love and struggle, dreams and threaten, calm and adrenaline in a “In Re Quieta” Vs “InReQuieta” experience (from latin: ‘the calm’ Vs ‘the restlessness’). The strength and impetuousness of the instinct are mitigated by the rational bridle and the imperious liberty is exalted by the intellectual strength.


It’s a unique Universe made of opposite feelings. To be able to keep the right balance of this relationship, dozens of these contradictions must run aligned. Also the elegance and wealth of the horse racing environment with the rural, humble, honest and simple touch of its people involved is a contradiction which appears to be clear even to an outsider’s eye.


Focusing so, on who is behind the spectacular, glittered and successful Horse racing Industry, we find a real army of hard working people who love to the moon and back, their lives with horses. They wake up everyday before sunrise, they work with passion and would not exchange the emotions they experience thanks to gallops with nothing on Earth.

‘ALICE’  – (Portraits of Alice Pagani, groom in Newmarket at Marco Botti’s.)